the rhapsody workshop at king street station

The Rhapsody Workshop

At the King Street Station

Our longtime students, board members, staff and community leaders have collaborated with Red Eagle SoaringTotem StarJackson Street Music ProgramWh!pSmartSKL architects, The Cultural Space Agency, and Sellen Constructrion to envision and build the first ever headquarters for our organization.

King Street Station

Centering Seattle’s BIPOC youth, the space will host over 1,000 square feet for our music classes and workshops that have remained at the heart of tRp since we began in 2013, while also including:

  • A small venue for concerts, open mics, and performing arts.

  • Dance classes and events

  • A luthier's workshop for stringed instrument maintenance and repair.

  • The Rhapsody Instrument Library

  • A record player and donated collection of books & records

  • A kitchenette that will help ensure that free snacks remain a signature of our gatherings, and heritage potluck jams can include hot food at our jam sessions for youth.

ari a songster looking at a record in music library at king street station


How to get to King Street Station

King Street Station is easily accessible by light rail. Just get yourself to the Chinatown / International District station. The building directly to the West (downhill, toward the water) is King Street station, and The Rhapsody Project’s headquarters is on the 2nd floor. Enter the building from the North entrance (facing the plaza on Jackson St) and we are the first door on the left past the reception desk.