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Our People

Meet the team behind The Rhapsody Project

Leadership Team + Faciliators

The Rhapsody Project is led collaboratively by the folx highlighted below, remaining accountable to one another in a manner that reflects the values of our organization. Rather than establishing a sole “director,” we put trust in each leader to make decisions within their purview, and meet weekly to consult with this team to make major decisions or gather input and strategize about any challenging elements of our work.

Jed Crisologo headshot

Jed Crisologo

Structural leadership team program + facilitation focus

Briar headshot


Structural leadership team + human resources

Joe Seamons headshot

Joe Seamons

Structural leadership team, operations focus​ & co-founder

awa-moon headshot


Digital marketing manager

Justin Golden headshot

Justin Golden

Richmond, VA chapter

Mariah Roberson headshot

Mariah Roberson

Junior Staff

Tate Linden headshot

Tate Linden

Junior Staff

Ari Whidbey headshot

Ari Whidbey

Junior Staff

Jimmy Austin headshot

Jimmy Austin

Yiddish program

Liana Green headshot

Liana Green

Program & curriculum

Lady A headshot

Lady A

Teaching artist

Ben Hunter headshot playing the violin

Ben Hunter


The Rhapsody Council

John Oliver III headshot playing the drums

John Oliver III

Board member

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Lillian Werbin headshot

Lillian Werbin

Board member

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Valerie Diaz Leroy headshot

Valerie Diaz Leroy

Board member

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Katelyn Kimmons headshot playing the banjo

Katelyn Kimmons

Board member

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Monkia Jo headshot

Monika Jo

Board member

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Katie Chase headshot

Katie Chase

Board member

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