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Layers of Heritage

Play social music. Discover your heritage.

At The Rhapsody Project, we believe that this kind of personal work can contribute to a kinder, more just society.

Learn to see yourself more clearly

Our society does not benefit when the things that make each of us special are hidden away in favor of assimilation. When immigrants arrive here, we do not want them to trade in their culture and identities to become American — this act of trading in is the very thing that created “whiteness.”

An exploration of your various layers of heritage can uncover an appreciation for the unique elements that make up each of us, and this information about yourself (and others) can inform how you interact with and respond to others.

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Other tRp programs

old photos of black American musicians in black and white
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Face the Music

Virtual class for those who want to discover new ways to confront racism through the lens of roots music.

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Culture Bearer Pathways

A self-learning program with pathways to one’s heritage.

Klezmer Jam players sitting in a circle playing music
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Yiddish Music & Heritage

Immerse yourself in the expressive heritage of Yiddish music.