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Structural leadership team: human resources (she/her)

Briar Sings.

Raised in Chimacum, Washington, her forebears hail from Ireland and Germanic Europe. She is the descendant of African slaves brought to America, out of Nigeria and from the Southern Banto People.

Gifted with the ability to connect with her ancestors and convey their messages through song, Briar grounds herself in the knowledge that everything is not always as it seems. Through her gift of song she is reminded that in order to help others heal, we must first love ourselves. This is what she holds onto when singing with her family, community or performing onstage.

While pursuing a degree in Environmental Science from Western Washington University, Briar has helped to guide tRp’s programs mentoring students at regional festivals. In addition to her professional singing and teaching work, she has also created tRp’s K-2 and Vocal Rhapsody program curriculum.

Through her work with The Rhapsody Project and Seattle JazzEd, with organizations like The Centrum Foundation, The Augusta Heritage Center and The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Briar presents her philosophy in an environment that is positive, brave and full of soul.