Tate Linden headshot

Tate Linden

Junior Staff

Tate Linden has been working with the tRp and related programs since he was eleven years old. He first started playing the violin at age nine, but never really connected with music until joining an after-school program at his middle school called Junior Fiddlers, which was a precursor to the Rhapsody Project. The programs he has gotten to take part in through this organization have given him a place where he could really get to connect with other people through music in a way that motivated him to become as invested in music as he is now.

For as long as Tate can remember, he has lived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, on Coastal Salish and Duwamish land. He is Jewish and queer, and has been exploring both of those aspects of his heritage lately. He has been working on developing the Rhapsody Project’s Yiddish music program, and in the process of that, he has been learning about the history of klezmer music, Jewish social movements, and queer Jewish people throughout history.

He plays guitar and violin, and is drawn to a wide range of genres, from blues to classical to klezmer to movie music. He has performed in orchestras, the pit for a musical, the band for the background of an independent film (called Boyish), jazz bands, and in his own, student-led bands. And, outside of music, Tate studies environmental science and biology, and hopes to one day become a wildlife biologist, to combine his love for biology and animals with his love for being outdoors.

In addition to his work on the Yiddish music program, Tate helps run the music classes that Rhapsody offers for young students, organizes the Facebook page, and helps Rhapsody with its work for racial justice.