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Here are some other ways to learn more in-depth about the work of The Rhapsody Project:

Two of our co-leaders, Liana Green and Joe Seamons, were interviewed on this wonderful podcast, Color-Coded Symphony On Air, by the artist and activist Aireene Espiritu.

Learn more in this conversation with our co-founder in this Seattle publication, The Evergrey.

Hear co-leaders Briar & Joe Seamons discuss The Rhapsody Project on this episode of Opening Doors:

Interviews with The Rhapsody Project’s Co-Founders

The links below will open Spotify

Listen to co-founders Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons interviewed by the National Museum of African American Music in this podcast episode.

Ben & Joe were also interviewed by the two teachers who helped launch the Rhapsody Project at Washington Middle School on this episode of their podcast, The Beth & Kelly Show.

Anti-Racism & The Pacific Northwest

Racism is a problem for white Americans to address that primarily effects Black and brown Americans. As you will learn in Rhapsody’s Face the Music class, that work necessarily takes different shapes depending on where you go in America. The Rhapsody Project’s work on this topic grows out of our understanding of Layers of Heritage – the work begins with understanding where each of us is coming from, and how our background and positionality must inform our work. Founded in the Pacific Northwest, The Rhapsody Project’s anti-racism work has grown from deep roots in this region – the following interviews will begin to demonstrate this:

Check out this interview on Coast Range Radio about the different Pacific Northwest projects and allied organizations that are connected to The Rhapsody Project’s regional layer of heritage.

Get Up in the Cool is a PNW podcast series featuring American dance music of multiple styles, and featured this interview of Joe and includes a performance with Briar. Hosted by the brilliant banjo player Cameron DeWhitt.

Hear Part 1 and Part 2 of these interviews that discuss The Rhapsody Project on the Podcast series “I Want You to Meet,” hosted by the Iranian-American author Jasmine Faulk Dickerson.